59 Aaron Pyke on the stuff.co.nz comments section

February 21, 2017

Sometimes you need something to remind you about how terrible people are. Lucky for Aaron Pyke we have the stuff.co.nz comments section. Hear Aaron talk about the origin of this obsession and his favourite types of comments now. 

Recorded at a fundraiser for Youthline and the NZ Mental Health Foundation. If you enjoyed this episode please consider donating. We had technical difficulties on the night so please excuse the audio quality.


58 Jess Brien on Home and Away

February 20, 2017

There isn't much that Jess Brien loves more than Home and Away. It's made her friends, dominated her social media and taken up a lot of her life. She has learnt to embrace her obsession and has come out to her friends and family as a Home and Away lover. Hear the extents of Jess' obsession and what it is about it that draws her in. 

We had technical dificulties on the night so please excuse the audio quality. 


57 Pip Adam on Getting Happy

December 7, 2016

Pip has been told throughout her life she needs to cheer up. She's spent years researching happiness and what it can do for you and how to attain it, and she has finally found the answer.  

Pip Adam is the author of the short story collection Everything We Hoped For, which won the NZ Post best first book award in 2011, and the novel I'm Working on a Building, and is the host of Better Off Read, a podcast about reading and writing in New Zealand. You can get her books from Victoria University Press, and you can listen to her podcast at betterreadnz.wordpress.com


56 John Summers on Not Spending Money

December 2, 2016

John Summers' money obsession isn't with saving money, or making money, he doesn't have much interest in those things, it's with not spending money. Hear John talk about where this obsession came from, and how it impacts his life today. 

John Summers is the author of the excellent book of personal essays, 'The Mermaid Boy', published by Hue & Cry Press in 2015. He won the non fiction award in the 2016 Sunday Star Times short story competition for his essay 'Missing' and was one of the recipients of the 2017 D'Arcy Writers Grants. 


55 Laura Robinson on Donnatella Holmes

November 29, 2016

Dame Donnatella Holmes, one of NZ's top actors and television hosts is often forgotten. But Laura Robinson hasn't forgotten about her. Hear Laura talk through Donnatella Holmes' career and learn about this unforgettable NZ Celebrity.

Laura Robinson is the head writer and creator of the suburban wellington web series BURBS. You can watch the first season of BURBS at www.burbs.tv and you can support their second season by contrubuting to their pledgeme campaign


54 Henrietta Bollinger on German

November 21, 2016

German is not often appreciated as a language, it's been described as ugly be many famous writers, and the country has a history that is not often romanticised. Despite this Henrietta Bollinger has grown an obsession with German and Germany. Hear her talk about what it is that obsessed her, and why it's important to love learning foreign languages. 

Henrietta Bollinger is a playwright , a poet and an accidental sociologist. Her plays have been staged in New Zealand, Australia and England.  Her most recent writing has been for Salient, discussing current disability issues in the column Token Cripple.


53 Joseph Moore on The Wellington Phoenix

August 11, 2016

There's nothing better than a true underdog story, and that's why Joseph Moore loves the Wellington Phoenix. The ups and downs of the Wellington Phoenix have mirrored the ups and downs of Joseph's own life, and he'll go to the ends of the earth to support him. 

This is the final episode of season 3 of What We Talk About, recorded live at Montecristo during the New Zealand International Comedy Festival in Auckland. We'll be back with more new episodes before the end of the year. 

52 Brynley Stent on Free Stuff

August 8, 2016

There's nothing Brynley won't do to get free stuff, even if it makes no sense. She takes full advantage of free samples, entering every competition available and the even occasional theft. Hear Brynley describe her obsession for free stuff, how it's affected her life and some of her best hauls.


51 Jonny Potts on Cliff Twemlo

August 4, 2016

The words 'renaissance man' is used to describe a person who's expertise span several fields, and gets thrown around a lot undeservedly. When Jonny Potts calls Cliff Twemlo a renaissance man, he's absolutely correct. Cliff was a nightclub bouncer, film maker, library music composer, extra, body builder and novelist, and renaissance man is perhaps the only way you can possibly describe him. Hear Jonny describe Cliff's history and what it is about Cliff Twemlo that obsesses him. 

Jonny is our second return speaker in What We Talk About, listen to his first episode featuring his obsession with Whanganui in episode 11. 

50 Melanie Bracewell on Neopets

August 1, 2016

Melanie Bracewell has been playing Neopets for most of her life. Hear her talk about stories from her Neopets past, Falling out with Neopets friends and how to come up with the perfect Neopets username.